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80-86% THC

Gelonade Vape Cartridge

Gelonade Vape Cartridge provides the aroma, flavour, and experience of this 2021 and 2022 Emerald Cup Indoor flower winner.

Gelonade is sativa dominant flower which provides a zesty citrus flavor with notes of sweet vanilla cookies in the aftertaste. The Gelonade high is just as amazing as the flavor with eye-opening effects that leaves you feeling lifted and energized, followed by a euphoric ease.

Natural, botanical terpenes are blended with top quality distillate that is produced using Mood Ring’s custom cold ethanol extraction process. This premium 1 g cartridge features a proprietary ceramic core with an embedded heating element that ensures consistent vaporization, even heating and retention of terpene flavours.

Organoleptic testing by Jose Dominguez, our Cannabis Sommelier to identify top strains.

The result = unique, award winning vape strains that are ​‘True to Flower’, by recreating the full flower experience in a convenient vape format.

Out with plastic, in with renewable hemp. Our mouthpieces use 20% less plastic, and have a 32% lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic mouthpieces. The hemp is made from stalks that would be otherwise discarded or burnt (releasing CO2) = win/​​​win for farmers and environment.

Lemon Tree x Gelato #41.

800–860 mg/​g of THC 
Available in 1 g format

Product Details

Inspired by "True to Flower" Lineage

Lemon Tree x Gelato #41


80–86% (800 — 860 mg/​​g)


<3 % (<30 mg/​g)


1 g

Terpene %


Dominant Terpenes

Limonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Beta-Pinene

Extraction Process

Cold Ethanol


With everyone and their cousin selling cannabis these days, it sure is nice to have somebody you can count on for quality and consistency. At Mood Ring, we put decades of experience to good use to bring you the most responsibly crafted products out there.


We like to keep things simple, natural and as kind to the planet as possible. We aim for minimal packaging.


Cannabis has been misunderstood for too long and appreciated by too few. We’re here to make cannabis accessible and easy to understand. Not to mention, enjoyable in exciting new ways. Isn’t it time we all got with the times?