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18-21% THC

Craft Golden Berry Pre-Rolls

Good indicas are a dime a dozen, but really, really, really good indicas?

They’re as rare as rainbows with pots of gold at the end of em. Which is why we think you’ll be super stoked when you discover Mood Ring’s Craft Golden Berry Pre-Rolls. Cherished for its delicately sweet and spicy red berry flavour balanced to perfection with a hint of skunk and pine aftertaste, Craft Golden Berry is an indica like no other. Delightfully potent, it’s an irresistible fan favourite we hope you’ll agree is worth more than its weight in gold.

It would be blasphemy to roll a flower this good in second-rate paper, so we searched the world over and found what we’re pretty sure is the world’s finest. It’s made from 100% organic hemp by artisan folk living in a small mountain village, where rainbows (we’re guessin’!) are plentiful. They’ve been making rolling paper since the 1800s—a craft they take quite seriously, to say the least. 

One more thing in case you forgot: Nothing but the best bud goes into these babies. That means no trim or shake ever. Just highly excellent flower—hand trimmed, hang dried, hand selected and rolled with love. 

One Tree Planted

Every time you make a purchase, we contribute to the planting of a tree thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Not currently available in Alberta.

2–3% total terpenes
Available in 3 x 0.5g format

Product Details


18–21% (180–210 mg/​g)


<2% (< 20 mg/​g)


3 X 0.5g (1.5 Net Weight)

Terpene %


Dominant Terpenes

Caryophyllene, Linalool, Humulene


100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper


Fully compostable pop-tube

Cultivation Method

Specialty Indoor Facility

Drying Method

Hang Dried

Cultivation Medium

Coco Coir

Province of Cultivation



With everyone and their cousin selling cannabis these days, it sure is nice to have somebody you can count on for quality and consistency. At Mood Ring, we put decades of experience to good use to bring you the most responsibly crafted products out there.


We like to keep things simple, natural and as kind to the planet as possible. We aim for minimal packaging. And we give back. Every time you make a purchase, we contribute to the planting of a tree thanks to our charitable partnership with One Tree Planted.


Cannabis has been misunderstood for too long and appreciated by too few. We’re here to make cannabis accessible and easy to understand. Not to mention, enjoyable in exciting new ways. Isn’t it time we all got with the times?