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Cannabis 101

Tips for cooking with cannabis

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Here at Mood Ring’s world headquarters, when we’re not phenotyping or dreaming up fresh and exciting ways for you to enjoy cannabis, we like to sit around and entertain ourselves with Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” scenarios. Today’s gem? Wouldn’t it be cool if somebody unearthed a long-lost TV episode of legendary cook show host Julia Child teaching us how to cook with cannabis? 

Now let’s be clear. There’s no evidence whatsoever of such a show in existence (we think?), but wouldn’t it be cool if there were? Seriously, how awesome would it be to hear the biggest cooking icon of all time say upside-down baby cakes” and cannabis” in the same sentence with her wonderful, thick accent? 

But we digress. The purpose of today’s blog post is to talk about cooking with cannabis—not Julia Child cooking with cannabis. We’ll get a move on. We know you don’t have all day. 

Here are some basic tips for cooking with CBD and THC we’ve put together for your culinary enjoyment. Oh yeah, and a super-easy-to-make chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s out of this world. Bön appétit! 

Tips for cooking with CBD and THC Oil 

Proper storage is important

To maintain the integrity of your oil, proper storage is key. Why? When molecules in your CBD or THC oil combine with oxygen, degradation can occur. Heat and light are the biggest culprits. To prevent the quality of your oil from degrading, be sure to keep the lid on tight when not in use. And store it in a cool, dark place. 

Avoid acidic dishes

Exposure to acid may accelerate oxidation, so avoid using CBD or THC in recipes that call for large amounts of citrus. Using a tiny bit for flavour is fine, but just don’t go overboard. For example, while we love fresh-squeezed lemonade, we don’t recommend adding CBD or THC to it. 

Keep it cool

Exposure to high heat causes extracts to lose active compounds. Try to avoid recipes that require direct high heat, such as frying or sautéing. For some recipes, it may be best to add your CBD or THC after the meal has cooked. And baking should be done at or below 350° F. 

When starting out, less is more

If you’ve never used CBD or THC before, it’s best to start small. Try adding 0.5ml or less of full spectrum oil to your recipe to start. As with any new spice,” be sure not to overpower the dish. On the other hand, if you’re like us, you may discover a wish to showcase the flavour! 

Don’t stick to sweets

Some say CBD and THC oils have an overly strong or distinct flavour, particularly if the oil is less refined (which offers a wider spectrum of plant molecules than a more refined oil would). There are plenty of folks out there who love that robust flavour, but if you don’t, cooking with sweets such as chocolate can be an easy way to bring down too strong of a taste. Sweets, however, aren’t the only way to work with the natural flavour of extracts, and you may find that your tastebuds actually prefer it with savory dishes. 

Mix with fats

Another option is to infuse your CBD or THC oil into another fat or oil and use this ingredient as you normally would. Herbed rosemary butter is one of our all-time favourites. 

Enhance your veggies

Try CBD or THC on a salad with olive oil and herbes de Provence. If you have a favourite guacamole recipe, add it along with salt and lime juice to the pre-mashed avocado. Just remember not to use too much citrus if you want to preserve all of the compounds in the extract. 

Spice up your smoothies

Make your smoothie like you normally would with yogurt, berries, bananas or whatever. Blend all the ingredients together—then stir in some CBD or THC. 

Jazz up your coffee and tea

For extra flavour, add CBD or THC directly to your favourite beverage—day or night. 

There are chocolate chip cookies…

And then there are chocolate chip cookies. Next time you get the munchies, give this special little recipe a try. And be sure to let us know what you think!


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