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Cannabis 101

Keep on vapin’ on

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Tips & tricks to keep your good vibes flowing


Clogs happen. When they do, simply warm your cartridge between your hands or place it in an inside pocket for a few minutes. In a hurry? Try placing it near a heat source—but only for a few seconds. Quickly move it away from the heat as soon as the oil begins to thin. Overheating cartridges can complicate things!


Think like Goldilocks—not too hot, not too cold. For optimal performance, store your filled cartridges upright at room temperature. Steer clear of excessive temperatures (above 85F/29C or below 40F/4C). Don’t keep them in your car’s glove box or in direct sunlight. Extreme heat can cause leaks. Extreme cold? Clogging and spitting. 


Traveling somewhere? Know before you go that drastic changes in elevation or cabin pressure may cause a full cartridge to leak. Minimize your chances by flying with a partially depleted cartridge or storing it upside down so the oil doesn’t push through the atomizer. 


Vaping is like anything—too much of a good thing ain’t so good. We’re not just talking green outs here. Chain vaping adversely impacts flavor, too. Puff sensibly. And let your cartridge cool every few minutes when enjoying a session. 


Take good care of your cartridge to get the most out of it. Use a protective case to prevent debris from entering the mouthpiece or damage if dropped. Don’t overtighten your cartridge when screwing it onto the battery. Speaking of batteries, be sure to use ones made for cannabis cartridges (510 or magnetic adapter style). 


A squeaky-clean cartridge is a happy cartridge! To prevent or resolve issues with airflow and activation, clean your cartridge and battery connections regularly using a swab with alcohol (70% isopropyl or ethyl is best). Make sure the swab is only slightly damp, not dripping. And be gentle, so you don’t accidentally break the center pin spring connector.

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