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Cannabis 101


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Just twist, click and push for a precise dose of Mood Ring every time.

Two big goals always on our minds here at Mood Ring (right up there with making our grandparents proud!) is making cannabis easier to enjoy and enjoyable in exciting new ways. We’re deliriously delighted to share that with the launch of our Distillate collection, we’ve managed to achieve both of these lofty ambitions at once. Who says manifesting your dreams doesn’t work?

It’s all thanks in part to the cleverness and easy versatility of our super awesome distillate applicator. If you’ve tried our Pure Kush or Jack Flash Distillate Applicator products—you know exactly what we’re talking about. Ingenious in design, it takes enjoying our high-quality extracts to new heights by enabling quick and easy measured dosing without mess or fuss. All you have to do is remove the cap—then twist, click and push to dispense an incredibly precise dose every time. 

The applicator allows you to easily control how much oil you get at once, which makes it ideal for dabbing, adding to a bowl, joint or concentrate vaporizer. And the perks don’t stop there… 

Its sleek, pen-shaped design makes it portable and discreet—perfect for on-the-go.

The heat-resistant metal tip won’t melt, so it’s safe to use with hot nail rigs.

It dispenses each dose completely and cleanly—with no residual left in the tip. Say goodbye to sticky messes and backpack leaks.

No sticky mess means there’s absolutely ZERO WASTE. Every single drop gets put to good use, saving you cash and stretching out your number of sessions. 

And now some answers to your questions…

How many doses do I get in each device?

You get 18—but that’s just for starters. The beauty of this applicator is that you can determine the desired dosage simply by changing the settings. Whether you get less or more is entirely up to you. Twist to the BLACK LINE for 55 mg of oil—or the RED LINE for 165 mg of oil. Naturally, this will affect the total number of doses you get. 

What’s the THC content per dose? 

The amount of THC in each dose depends on the size of the dose you choose. Every 55 mg click” or black line provides you with approximately 44.0–47.3 mg/​g of THC. THC concentrations vary slightly from batch to batch so the above numbers are a close approximation, but you can calculate exactly how much THC is in each dose in three easy steps.

  1. Find the exact mg/​g of THC in the distillate applicator you have (it’s printed on the front label of the bag)

  2. Take the mg/​g of THC as noted in step 1 and divide by 1,000 (there are 1,000 mg in each distillate applicator)

  3. Take the number from step 2 and multiply by 55 and that’s the dosage!

    1. Front label states 830 mg/​g
    2. 830/1000 = 0.83
    3. 0.83 X 55 = 45.65 mg of THC per black line

Want more than 45 mg of THC? Great, just go for more than 1 black line. You can dispense up to the red line (or 165 mg of distillate = 137 mg of THC) each time.

Want less than 45 mg of THC? No problem, just don’t go all the way to the black line.

Accidentally turned the dial too far? No worries, our distillate applicators allow you to turn the dial in the opposite direction to reduce the size of the dose. Mood Ring always recommends to start low and go slow!

What can I do with it?!

Dab it. Add it to a joint you’re rolling. Or dose up some flower or a pre-roll. With our Pure Kush and Jack Flash Distillate Applicators, you’re limited only by your imagination. Check em out and definitely let us know what you think!

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