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Ain’t no vape like a Mood Ring vape

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Not all vapes are created equal. Mood Ring’s are simply, well…better. Here’s why.

Ridiculously unique & hard-to-find strains

At Mood Ring, just any old flower strain won’t do. It must be award-winning, highly sought-after, rich in heritage or unique in some way for us to even consider putting it into vape form. 

Drawing upon years of experience, our cannabis sommelier travels the continent in search of suitable candidates—all part of our never-ending quest to find and bring you the greatest and rarest cannabis on earth.

Unrivaled research & development

From organoleptic testing to optimize our products’ appeal to extensive scientific analysis by one of the most reputable cannabis testing labs in the U.S., Mood Ring spares no time, effort, or detail to bring you pure, potent flavour in every draw. 

Our meticulous in-house formulation process is designed to precisely recreate an experience that’s true to flower”—just like Mother Nature intended. 

Proprietary ceramic core with an embedded heating element

Ensures consistent vaporization, even heating, and retention of terpenes. Say goodbye to overheating, burnt flavours and dry hits. Say hello to nothing but pure cannabis goodness. 

Naturally simple ingredients

At Mood Ring, we like to keep things simple, natural and as kind to the planet as possible. To make our vape oil, we blend only natural botanical terpenes with premium distillate produced using our patented cold ethanol extraction process. That’s it. 

Eco-friendly mouthpiece

We make our mouthpieces with renewable hemp and biodegradable plastic, adding a special organic compound so it breaks down in just a few years—not millennia like most everyone else’s.

With every purchase, you help plant a tree

Every time you buy a Mood Ring vape, we contribute to the planting of a tree in your home province thanks to our charitable partnership with One Tree Planted. From British Columbia’s rugged Pacific coastline to Québec’s boreal forest, together we’re helping rebuild forests after wildfires, protect against urban sprawl and the timber industry, and restore wildlife habitat.

Unique and award-winning strains are delivered to you without compromise in a vape designed with the planet in mind. That’s Mood Ring.


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